Fashion Design Program (Garment, Accessory, Image)
Presentation design program

"Our method is to declare a state of emergency! We teach fashion designers the art of working within limitations, open the minds of tomorrow's managers to the complexities of design, and work closely with major actors of the sector to imagine innovative projects with our designers."
Hans de Foer, Director of the Program

IFM’s Fashion Design Postgraduate Program is one of the most reputable fashion courses in Europe today. Each year, it opens its doors to 30 international designers.

The program offers three majors: Garment, Accessory, Image.

The course lasts 16 months including a 6-month internship in a company. The classes are taught in English by top-level faculty, experienced designers and professional experts.

At IFM, unlimited creativity comes into contact with the best technical savoir-faire. For one year, the students make prototypes or imagine projects with IFM’s partner companies (mostly reputable French Fashion houses and manufacturers). This collaboration with 40 companies leads to prototypes of clothing, bags, glasses and shoes being made each year with an exceptional abundance of creative ideas.

IFM designers are chosen for their strong personality, their creativity and their willingness to develop concrete projects in direct partnership with reputable fashion houses and companies. The international environment leads to a high level of creative emulation within the group.

The wealth of their cultural horizons and the diverse paths they have taken make them stand out from the crowd. They mainly come from reputable international schools. Once they graduate from IFM, most of them pursue their careers in France, mainly in the fashion houses and luxury companies, in ready-to-wear or accessories. Some IFM design graduates have set up their own brand, others work as freelance designers.

At the end of the FASHION DESIGN POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM, IFM delivers a diploma of "créateur - concepteur de mode" - Master's level, validated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Official Ministerial Bulletin #30, 25 August 2016). It is also registered at level 1 (Master level) with the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP). This registration entitles the non EU students who have graduated from the program (internship included) to obtain an Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour (APS - Temporary Stay Authorization) allowing them to work in France for a year or longer.







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