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A breakdown of GFM Executive MBA participants:

  • 43% are financed by their companies;
  • 36% finance the program personally;
  • 14% use severance or redundancy packages.

GFM graduates split into three categories when they finish the course:

  • 20% start their own business;
  • 40% change their sector and are hired in the companies and at the positions that they were aiming for;
  • 40% remain in their original companies but with a larger scope of responsabilities

A few examples of GFM graduates:

Sandra Vizzavona (GFM/Executive MBA 2005) was a lawyer before doing the GFM. She is now Head of Legal affairs at Zadig&Voltaire.

Berta de Pablos (GFM/Executive MBA 2006) was running the Spanish branch of Masterfoods. After the GFM, she was hired by Boucheron to run the Marketing and Design Department.

Erotokritos Antoniadis (IFM/GFM Executive MBA 2008) had already set up his own brand Erotokritos when he did the GFM. He used it to consolidate his existing knowledge and to reinforce his managerial skills so as to continue developing his company.

Anne Crespel (IFM/GFM Executive MBA 2008), a marketing and sales specialist, began her career at Nestlé and wanted to reorient into the fashion business. After the GFM, she set up her own Consultancy and Sales Agency in fashion to represent and distribute emerging brands.

« Only 45% of the GFM Executive MBA participants come from a fashion background. But they are all in search of something that corresponds to their most personal aspirations (...). One must become a « sponge » in order to absorb the codes of another universe. It is very difficult, all the more so as the fashion business is as attractive as it is merciless » (Véronique Schilling, MBA director, quoted in Challenges magazine, May 5th 2011).


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