The IFM ENTREPRENEURS program is aimed at all those who wish to start up in creative industries and innovative services linked to fashion, luxury, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, to taste industries, to the world of design, of living environment and art of living...

IFM ENTREPRENEURS positions itself at the beginning of the entrepreneurial path and trains its participants in essential skills (business financing, management, understanding of user experience, marketing, communication...) with an approach specific to these sectors, in parallel with individual guidance provided by mentors and experts.

To join IFM ENTREPRENEURS, no need to have a precise project, since the essential criterion for recruitment to this program is the drive to start up. The ultimate aim of this program is to allow new start-ups to hatch via comprehensive coaching, from the basic idea to the achievement of the project.


  • Analyze and validate your project's potential for development with leading professionals in each specialism;
  • Develop your entrepreneurial creativity to enable you to fulfil your project in concrete terms;
  • Understand in depth the way markets work and use the entire range of tools in the digital ecosystem;
  • Understand the growth engines and the new value channels at work in the most innovative sections of the economy;
  • Benefit from individual coaching in your project's launch phase and advice to refine your strategy;
  • Acquire the conceptual and operational tools necessary for business start-ups (business plan, financing...);
  • Widen your professional network.

This program, open to a cohort of 12, allows for individual and tailored accompaniment, in order to enable each professional project to be refined over the course of the year. Meetings and workshops with incubators give the student the possibility to test and make the projects a reality.


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