MSc International Fashion & Luxury Management

The MSc in International Fashion & Luxury Management is open to students holding a 3-year or a 4-year Bachelor's degree, and now offers a double degree program with ESCP Europe business school.


IFM's Master of Science in International Fashion & Luxury Management, open to students holding a 4-year Bachelor's degree, offers 9 months of intensive, full-time studies followed by a 6-month internship. This MSc Core Year features an interdisciplinary & transversal approach to learning that mixes both theory & practice, management & creation. Real-world business cases and study trips within France and Italy allow students to put into practice and experience first-hand what they have learned in the classroom.

We are now accepting applications from candidates holding a 3-year Bachelor's degree. These students are invited to undertake their studies at IFM over a 27-month period, beginning with a Fundamentals year dedicated to both traditional in-class and experiential learning, in addition to Paris Fashion Week and retail work experiences. During this time, a particular emphasis is placed upon acquiring the basics of management, discernment for the creative fields and a hands-on understanding of fashion and luxury products, before continuing on to the 15-month MSc Core Year. For those applicants holding a 3-year Bachelor's degree, it is required to successfully complete both years in order to obtain the MSc in International Fashion & Luxury Management degree.

We now offer a brand new double degree program with ESCP Europe. Selected students will graduate from ESCP Europe's Master in Management (MiM) program as well as IFM's MSc in International Fashion & Luxury Management, after a 27-month period.


The objective of the MSc in International Fashion & Luxury Management program, taught in English, is to prepare a group of select students to pursue their careers on an international level, within the global headquarters, regional head offices, or national subsidiaries of French or other worldwide fashion, luxury or beauty companies.

The program gives students:

- a strong foundation in management skills as applied specifically to the fashion and luxury sectors: marketing, strategy and operations for international markets, with a particular emphasis on merchandising, retail management and product knowledge.

- the keys to understand and leverage brand value: fashion and luxury branding, communication and digital strategies.

- a profound knowledge of creation: culture of fashion, design and luxury, understanding of the creative process, comprehension of the importance of quality and savoir-faire (know-how) in the luxury industry.

Students will also examine how the French fashion, luxury and beauty industries have evolved over time –via historical and contemporary references– and develop the skills to understand the "French touch", and its essential impact upon the sector. In addition, the program also focuses upon Italian artisanship, and students will learn French or Italian to facilitate communication, cultural understanding and employability.

The rich and intensive program draws upon IFM's strength as a unique meeting place for the interaction between management, design and entrepreneurship. IFM's strategic location in the center of Paris allows students to fully benefit from all that the Parisian fashion and luxury ecosystem has to offer, including easy access to international headquarters, 6 major fashion weeks per year and key professional trade shows. In addition, and thanks to IFM's historically strong ties with the industry, the CEOs of the leading fashion, luxury and beauty brands share their expertise via on-campus lectures, and these same companies organize real-world business cases and exclusive recruiting events for IFM students throughout the year.

Professional opportunities for graduates of this program are primarily related to international business development, helping to meet the needs of fashion, luxury and beauty brands as they continue reinforcing their presence across global markets. The roles are in functions such as product and visual merchandising, wholesale and retail management, product development, marketing and communications, digital and CRM.

This Program has the active support of companies including Chanel, Chloé, Christian Dior, Hermès, Kenzo, L'Oréal Luxe, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent… who participate in the program during the academic courses and offer internships. Indeed, thanks to IFM's proximity to the industry and signature learning approach, MSc Luxury students easily obtain internships within the world's most renowned fashion, luxury and beauty companies.

IFM is a state-recognized institution of higher education and the MSc in International Fashion & Luxury Management is registered at level 1 (Master level) with the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP). This registration entitles the non EU students who have graduated from the program to obtain the Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour (APS - Temporary Stay Authorization) allowing them to work in France for a year and in some cases longer.


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