MSc Luxury Management Program

The Program begins in September and runs full-time until early-June. This period of study is followed by an internship of six months. ECTS credits: 75 credits (including 15 credits for the internship).

The program consists of a mix of lectures, workshops, business cases and study tours. It is taught by IFM faculty and a large number of guest lecturers, CEOs and professionals of the sector who will share their practical experience. Thanks to this strong IFM network and to the small size of the MSc Luxury class, each student will have the opportunity to exchange with approximately 70 industry professionals throughout the year.

Classes will start in September 2017 for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Courses (600 hours)

Courses are structured around seven main themes:

  • History and Culture

    French luxury is a distinctive expression of France's culture, so successful managers in this sector need to have a shared framework of historical references and the capacity to analyze contemporary culture. These courses look at the past and the present of fashion and luxury, object design, as well as fine art.

  • Savoir-faire, Creation and Design

    A distinguishing feature of luxury is the important role of savoir-faire (know-how), which is to be examined in relation to artisanal and industrial processes. In addition, these courses will help students to understand the added value that creativity brings to luxury products, by exploring the creative process and its translation into the construction of a collection. There is also a focus on short and long term trend analysis and advertising strategy.

  • Products

    These courses centered on the product integrate a marketing focus and technical knowledge in categories including garments, accessories such as shoes, leather goods, jewelry and watches, perfumes and cosmetics. Students will also explore the worlds of gastronomy, wine and spirits.

  • Marketing

    This group of courses looks at brand management, the analysis and definition of a brand's DNA and its translation into a communication strategy. There is also a significant focus on the consumer: learning how to reach different clients, and how to understand the cultural differences between the major and emerging markets around the world. In addition, students will analyze the digital revolution and its undeniable impact upon the marketing of luxury products.

  • Distribution and Retail

    Distribution is at the heart of the development of global luxury brands, and these courses will help students to master the different elements that contribute to their success: developing a network (directly operated stores, wholesale, licensing agreements, and e-commerce), visual merchandising and customer relationship management. Courses will also examine the most recent and innovative luxury services that continue to raise the standards of the in-store client experience.

  • Strategy, Finance and Operations

    In order to fully comprehend and participate in the strategic decisions made by today's luxury and fashion houses, it is essential for students to acquire a solid grasp of finance and management control principles. In addition, these courses will also focus upon all tasks and practices that leverage the delivery of the fashion and luxury items to the end consumer, upstream (sourcing, supply) and downstream (demand and distribution), including information systems dedicated to merchandise management (mainly PLM, ERP & MAP).

  • Leadership and Career Development

    By developing leadership and team management skills, these courses and workshops will help prepare students to face the challenges of an increasingly multicultural work environment. In addition to public speaking and interview preparation, a special emphasis will be placed upon identifying one's own management profile and strengths before implementing simple, self-development action plans.

Please keep in mind that all modules are subject to change.

Other key components of this Program:

Study tours (50 hours)

In France and Italy to explore tradition and know-how in creation and craftsmanship.

The small size of the class allows privileged access to places and people that embody tradition and innovation in creation, craftsmanship and manufacturing.

Language classes (80 hours)

French courses are offered in partnership with the Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France, France's leader in foreign language education located only two steps away from the Jardin du Luxembourg. Classes are offered in small groups and focus on French language within the fashion industry as well as speaking skills.


Workshops and business cases

Including an interprogram "Act of Creation" workshop to kick off the year with IFM's Design, Management and Start students.

Real business cases require students to apply the knowledge that they have acquired during the program and to present their strategic conclusions directly to the executive teams of the partner companies.


Six-month internships with coaching by the IFM career service (CV workshops, career and interview coaching, etc.).

An international placement, with the opportunity to work in Paris or abroad with one of the companies supporting this program, including Hermès, Chanel, Christian Dior, Kenzo, L'Oréal Luxe, Louis Vuitton... And also with companies such as Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Chalhoub Group, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Tag Heuer, Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Max Mara...

After completing the program, students will be able to fully distinguish the cultural codes of French fashion and luxury and will have mastered the advanced brand & retail management techniques necessary to succeed within the fast-moving and global world of luxury companies.


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