Fashion, Design & Luxury Management Program

IFM’s Postgraduate Program in Fashion & Luxury Management is the management training course of reference in the creative industries.

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Program offered in French

You have a 5-year graduate level degree or a 4-year graduate level degree with 3 years professional experience.

You are a graduate from a business school, a political science institute, a university (law, management, economics, arts, human and social sciences, communications…), an engineering school, a school of applied arts, fashion, design, architecture, visual arts school…

Exceptions can be made for those with a 4-year degree without professional experience or a 3-year degree with at least 3 years of significant professional experience (excluding internships).

You wish to

  • acquire high-level expertise in the management of fashion, luxury, fragrance and cosmetics, design and lifestyle (as well as other industries with high creative added value);
  • master management skills and develop a culture of creation;
  • gain conceptual knowledge and operational competencies;
  • develop your knowledge of sector which influences most of today's economy;
  • develop your network and prepare for a solid career in line with your passions.

Length of the program

The curriculum includes two phases. The first 10 months are dedicated to courses, workshops and thesis. A 6-month internship completes the program.


IFM’s Postgraduate Program in Fashion & Luxury Management prepares you for a career in design and brand management, product development, retail, communication and media.


  • FASHION & LUXURY: Textile / Garment / Leather / Footwear / Jewelry / Sportswear
  • FRAGRANCE & COSMETICS: Beauty and care
  • DESIGN & LIFESTYLE: Design / Furniture / Tableware / Linen


  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & SUPPLY MANAGEMENT: Product development / Purchasing / Merchandising
  • DISTRIBUTION: Retail / E-commerce / Wholesale
  • BRAND MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION: Image / Visual merchandising / Digital / Media-Press

Official recognition

A state-recognized institution of higher education, IFM delivers at the end of the program a diploma of management in fashion and luxury – Bac +5 (Level 1), validated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research – Official Bulletin n° 30 of the Minister, August 23, 2012). It is also registered at level 1 (Master level) with the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP).

This registration entitles the non EU students who have graduated from the program (internship included) to obtain an Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour (APS - Temporary Stay Authorization) allowing them to work in France for a year.


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