Custom Programs

seminaire-sur-mesure2IFM offers companies custom programs adapted to their needs.

These programs are aimed at executives and managers, but also at operational and technical teams, and cover a wide range of subjects: economics, product marketing, strategy, creativity and innovation...

IFM works in partnership with companies to put together and organize training programs through seminars and individual coaching with the help of the best experts available and the operational methods and tools that are best adapted to the company’s activitiy.

These training courses complement and enrich a company’s strategy, broadening its field of reflection while consolidating the foundations.

These training courses enable businesses to:

  • Decode the new worlds of consumption and creativity,
  • Anticipate the important changes in the relevant sector,
  • Make their brand stand out from the crowd,
  • Reinforce product quality,
  • Maintain the dynamics of innovation inside the company,
  • Build a brand platform,
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge and the cultural references essential to master a complex and ever-changing environment,
  • Better understand the creative process and the specific management steps to take with a creative team,
  • Optimize sales in a multicultural context,
  • Integrate the potential of new retail models,
  • Reinforce the skills of the retail team,
  • Develop service excellence, especially in luxury.

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