Special Conferences

IFM regularly organizes open programs on specific subjects aimed at professionals in the fashion, design, luxury, perfumes and cosmetics sectors.

Each year the Perspectives Internationales Mode & Textile seminar brings together over 300 professionals from the manufacturing, brand and retail sectors for a forecast session on the quantitative and qualitative upcoming changes in the sector.

This annual get-together of textile professionals is a chance for IFM to present its latest analysis and research, as well as an opportunity to invite international guests to share their expertise.

The morning session deals with the quantitative forecasts from IFM’s Economic Observatory while the afternoon session is dedicated to the qualitative trends that structure the markets, to emerging consumer trends and the issue of brands.

This program is aimed at CEOs and managing directors, marketing directors, directors of market research, product managers, communications and merchandising directors, purchasing managers, commercial directors and network managers, export directors, licensing managers.

For more information, please contact us at this email: etudes@ifm-paris.com

Next Seminar (Perspectives 2019) : Thursday 6th of December, 2018
Hours : 9h00-18h00

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