Custom Studies

IFM carries out multi-client and custom studies. The latter are carried out by a team of lecturers-experts for businesses, institutions and administrations (trade organizations, the public sector, European institutions...) to help them develop a strategic and operational vision.

What we offer: in-depth, structural analysis, recommendations in the form of action plans.

Our field of action: brand identity, product range strategy and identifying a clientele.

Our difference: a capacity for economic analysis combined with an awareness of the creative sector's issues.

Reasons for hiring IFM

    • For our unique expertise in the sector linked to the IFM's dual positioning as a training centre for professions in the creative industries and an economic observatory in the service of businesses with quantitative tools at its disposal (consumer and retailer panels);
    • An exceptional network of professionals trained in the IFM's different programs, a veritable breeding ground for experience that serves the diversity of potential projects, in France and abroad;
    • We are constantly kept up to date with what's happening in the sector and in business, and we have a constantly renewed prospective capacity;
    • Our unique research platformthat can carry out specific documentary research in all relevant sectors.

    Some examples of what we do:

    • Clarifying a group's portfolio of brands; redefining each brand's mission with the eventual aim of deployment on the market;
    • Outlining a precise action plan for a brand for a distributor aiming to become an own-brand retailer;
    • Analyzing brand identity, it's potential to create added value and its growth perspectives;
    • Identifying the levers and brakes linked to the fusion of two brand entities within the same group;
    • Analyzing the strategic directions for a retailer to reposition;
    • Identifying and targeting the clientele for the teams at a huge purchasing pool, outlining their expectations and what that means for the product range;
    • Sharing the strategic tactics chosen for the executive direction of a brand and outlining short and medium term plans of action.

    IFM's clients

      • Distributors/ retailers
      • Brands
      • Trade fairs
      • Public Organizations
      • Investment funds



      Patricia Romatet
      Danièle Clutier
      Directors Market Research & Consulting


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