IFM Panel
IFM Panel

IFM Panel is the only tool in France able to measure the evolution of the consumption of fashion and textile items on all retail circuits on a monthly basis. It allows you to position yourselves within the market almost in real time.

IFM Panel is made up of over 100 store networks as well as a representative panel of multi-brand retailers in France. It covers all distribution circuits (independent retailers, specialized chains, chain stores, department stores, online stores, hyper and supermarkets).

Evolutions in turnovers are calculated at constant retail space and constant euros, and results are tallied by range:

  • 7 garment categories: men’s ready-to-wear, men’s small pieces, men’s underwear, women’s ready-to-wear, women’s small pieces, women’s lingerie et stockings, children’s wear
  • 3 textile categories: linen, fabrics, haberdashery/knitting
  • 1 shoe category
  • 2 accessories categories: leatherwear and other accessories



By subscribing to IFM Panel, you will receive:

  • on the 15th of each month results of the previous month, tallied by distribution circuit
  • on the 30th of each month, detailed monthly results and annual totals including breakdown by range
  • twice a year, results of the first 3 weeks of sales

Price: €1,800 for 12 months

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All the results of year 2017, tallied by range and distribution circuits

Price: €1,200

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Should you wish to obtain data on a particular timeframe or perimeter, please contact us:


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