IFM’s Economic Observatory analyzes the changes and evolutions in the textile, fashion and luxury markets. The teaching staff and researchers at the Institut carry out a certain number of regular surveys both multi-client surveys (for companies and public organizations) and ad hoc surveys and studies for a particular company or brand.

In addition to the multi-client surveys and the ad hoc surveys, IFM’s Economic Observatory produces economic reviews and organizes an annual seminar, that are essential tools for the businesses in the fashion sector in general.

IFM’s Economic Observatory keeps a constant watch on the economic situation and the structural changes in the marketplace. It carries out predictive research on the macro and micro economic environment of the sector: consumption, production, retail, international exchanges, new business models...

IFM’s economic analysis relies notably on a panel of distributors and retailers whose results are a reference for the entire textile profession and on a consumer database that is a veritable magnifying glass on national consumer habits.

One specific observatory deals with technical textiles.

The IFM makes its strategic vision available to businesses through the R3iLab (Réseau Innovation Immatérielle pour l’Industrie).


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