Monday, 01 June 2015
IFM’s 1st student festival

The first "sas" festival took place on Friday May 29th and Saturday May 30th 2015 in the Yves Saint Laurent lecture hall. Devised with and for IFM students, but also for graduates and their friends, this festival takes its name from the Tuesday morning conference cycle (general culture conferences that cover all areas of creativity: literature, music, cinema, painting...). The programme: 24 hours of conferences, meetings, screenings, musical and dance performances.

Listen to podcasts of the events.

- The festival ended on Saturday May 30th with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who revealed the secrets of his creative universe, his inspirations, the people he has met, his references, his passions...

- Paolo Roversi presented the keys to his creative world and more broadly his vision of fashion photography ( ;

- Marc Audibet, designer (Prada, Trussardi, Hermès, Ferragamo, Vionnet, and his own brand), shared his sources of inspiration and his ideas on the way the fashion system is evolving.

The festival was about fashion among other things:

- Friday May 29th, there was an evening of Moroccan "gnawa" music with Frank Cassenti, Pierre Baillot with Moroccan musicians supporting Youssef Jandouk (the concert preceded a screening of Frank Cassenti: Gnawa, corps et âme)

An evening attended by Simone Schwarz-Bart ;

- The festival began with an examination of space operas, from Hugo Gernsback to Star Wars and beyond, by Fabrice Sève (legal expert and enlightened expert on American pop culture of the fifties and sixties);

- There followed a history of fashion through airline companies and their uniforms. From the very first air hostesses (often nurses to begin with) to the contemporary "low-cost" style, not to mention collaborations between airlines and big name designers, a riveting saga told by Guillaume de Syon (history professor at Albright College, Reading, Pennsylvania), an aviation historian. ;

- Then a prospective and in-depth exposé on the way in which the digital revolution has changed and is changing business models and strategies, by Elisabeth Grosdhomme-Lulin ;

- A fun and analytical take on the words of our time and contemporary language mannerisms by Didier Pourquery, ex deputy editor of Libération and Le Monde…oque_1579462.html ;

-a screening of the film Johnny Hallyday, une histoire française by François Ducroux (Editor-in-chief of the current affairs programme Complément d'Enquête on France2), and Grégoire Queinnec (freelance journalist) using footage from various sources including extracts from their own film (produced by Arte in 2011) ;

- IFM students and alumni were also given a chance to express themselves with a presentation on geek culture by Tali Fitoussi (IFM/Management 2015), one on László Moholy-Nagy and the Hungarian avant-garde by Nora Hevesi (IFM/Management 2015), and a presentation on lomography by Aude-Marine Paepegaey (IFM/Management 2014) ;

- On the Saturday morning, there was a screening of a film on the memory of the darkest moments of the colonial era (Des Zoos et des Hommes) by Walid Ben Youssef;

A big thank you to the Kiosque du Levant (caterer) for being present and working so hard over the two half days.

Another big thank you goes to the organising committee with a special mention for Tali Fitoussi and Laura Homsi (IFM/Management 2015).

Rencontre avec Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Rencontre avec Paolo Roversi

Rencontre avec Marc Audibet

Une histoire de la mode à travers les uniformes de compagnies aériennes

Les mots de l'époque, par Didier Pourquery

Comment le digital change les modèles d'entreprise

Johnny Hallyday, une histoire française

Musique gnawa, corps et âmes

Ce que nous disent les space operas

La parole aux élèves et aux alumni de l'IFM

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