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2018 Big Picture challenge

Each year, Big Picture is a powerful learning tool which brings together students from IFM and ESCP Europe, with the support of L'Oréal. The aim of this workshop is to challenge traditional business models in the beauty industry with disruptive innovation.

International students from both ESCP Europe and IFM are projected into the heart of the creative process: they are asked to design and produce a strategic concept + a video.

At the end of the week, the best concept is selected as the winner by a panel that includes leading professionals.

The students were split into teams of 5 to 6 students from the two schools and were supported during five days by IFM & ESCP Europe coaches and the L'Oréal team involved in the project.

This year, the students from IFM's MSc Luxury Program and from the Creativity Marketing Master at ESCP Europe were working as consultants to the Innovation Division at L'Oréal.

Their "client" was Maud Jullien, Associate Vice President Makeup Innovation and Product Development at L'Oréal, who kicked off the project.

The students were asked to put together their vision for what a L'Oréal personalized luxury makeup experience might be in the next two to five years.

They had to present their vision in a one-minute original video, as well as a 3-slide Powerpoint presentation that specifically answers each of the following questions:

  • Why is this vision innovative?
  • What value does the experience create for the consumer?
  • What is the business model behind it?

Their proposals were judged along four different criteria

  • The depth and accuracy of their analysis as reflected in the relevance, innovativeness, value-creating and business viability of their vision
  • The creativity of their vision
  • The strength of their argumentation
  • The creative and visual impact of their video and Power Point slides, as well as the delivery of their pitch

Jacques Challes, Chief Innovation Officer at L'Oréal, president of the jury, announced the winning projects of the 2018 Big Picture challenge.

The students Mathias Hupin (ESCP Europe), Cécilia Jamil (IFM), Mélodie Caumes (ESCP Europe), Vaijayanthi Ravi (ESCP Europe), Elodie Breton (IFM) were the winners of the 2018 Challenge.

Their project in a few words:

"One of the most common problems we face is giving the right gift to someone, especially when this comes to make-up. How can you actually find something that is unique yet entirely personal to gift?

We are proposing a new and enjoyable way of gifting, that combines digital platform with human interaction. Through this platform, the customer is able to acquire professional advice from a great network of real make-up artists that are at their disposal anywhere and at any time. They can guide you through the many options of luxury products of L'Oreal and provide you with the perfect option of a gift for your special person".

See the film of the winning team ("Gift with L'Oréal")

See all the films of Big Picture 2018

The idea of this challenge is to expose students to the everyday challenges facing the beauty business.

The objectives of the Big Picture workshop for L'Oréal are to reinvent its marketing and content models to deliver the best in class consumer experience, micro-target the mass, optimise investments and go from products to beauty services.

L'Oréal International Chief Innovation Officer, Jacques Challes, L'Oréal USA's AVP, Make-up innovation & product development, Maud Jullien, and L'Oreal France's Talent Acquistion Director, Emma Shuttleworth, say what they thought of the 2018 Big Picture challenge and the personalization solutions conjured up by the students.
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2018 Big Picture challenge
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