Research Review
Craftsmanship, the hand and industrialization
mode de recherche, N° 18 -
June 2012
Craftsmanship, the hand and industrialization

Goodbye Gepetto!
Grégoire Talon

Renaissance and made in Italy: the invention of a cultural identity for the fashion industry
Carlo Marco Belfanti

The made-to-measure approach: the example of contemporary Rome
Pascal Gautrand

Industry and craftsmanship: the work of subjectivity
Olivier Assouly

Richard Sennett / Benoît Heilbrunn

The hand, to have or to have not?
Claude Fauque

The work of the hand
Jean-Michel Bertrand

The brand that thought with its fingers
Benoît Heilbrunn

The beauty of the gesture: art, craftsmanship and the creative industries
Christophe Rioux

Design and craftsmanship: feedback
Valérie Guillaume

De-industrialization-re-industrialization in the fashion industry
Dominique Jacomet & Gildas Minvielle

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