Design, theory and practices (2013 issue)
Design, theory and practices (2013 issue) Brigitte Flamand
Septembre 2013 IFM Éditions (Paris)

Originally linked to industrialisation and covering a broad and disparate range of objects, design seems to resist all categorization and systematic theorizing. This publication brings together almost thirty articles, covering the historical, aesthetic, social and economic issues of design. It adds to the rich body of work that exists, notably in English-speaking countries, on the history, practices and current happenings in the design world. Given that design is now an essential cog in creativity, innovation and to an even greater extent consumer spending, this work puts the future of our industrial society into perspective.

A new updated edition of a publication that originally came out in 2006.

With contributions from Jean-Lous Fréchin, Catherine Geel, Boris Groys, Pierre-Damien Huyghe, Ruwen Ogien, Bernard Stiegler, Slavoj Zizek...



ISBN : 978-2-914863-27-8 Price : 25 €

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