Mode de Recherche
Wine, Between Culture and the Market
mode de recherche, N° 21 -
January 2015
Wine, Between Culture and the Market

This issue of Mode de recherche examines recent changes in the world of wine. It is a drink that has a unique place in many places due to its strong cultural roots and in particular in France, alongside good food and haute couture.

Plans for Collective Publicity in Champagne (1931-1939)
Yves Tesson

How Wine Goes with Cheese in France
Gilles Fumey

Mondovino or The Wine World, Between Terroir and Industry
Jean-Michel Bertrand

The AOC Label and Natural Wines
Anne-Sophie Trebuchet-Breitwiller

Producing Wine to Produce Taste
Olivier Assouly

Nicolas Carmarans / Olivier Assouly



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